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Showcasing NIJIart

Showcasing NIJIart

About Me


My Background

Hi! My name is Nathan Irving Jean Isaacs.  I sign my artwork as 'NIJI."  I'm 12 years old in the sixth  grade.  I've always expressed myself with drawings and art... my feelings  seem to go from my brain to my hands to paper... maybe because I have Asperger's.   I often don't think my art is very good, but my mom and dad seem to like it.


My Medium

I hardly ever go anywhere without paper and pencils. My teachers would rather have me do writing assignments, but 'a picture is worth thousand words, right?  I should get extra credit!  I've done some clay sculptures, oil paints, gouache, and pastels.  I like colored pencils the best. I do digital art and create both hand drawn tiny, tiny card games  (think Pokemon) and program video games (my favorite game is Slime Rancher.


My Inspiration

Art makes me feel calm and relaxed, just like my cat, Leo.  When I'm drawing I have the world to myself  and I'm able to express my feelings.  


My aspirations

I would really like to become a professional artist when I finish school. I'm taking classes today at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.....MassArt.  It would be great to study there!


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